Thursday, May 19, 2011

10 Ways to Avoid Becoming a Bridezilla

Planning a wedding is stressful but it is not an excuse for you to yell and scream at everyone around you. Follow these tips to avoid becoming a bridezilla and both you and your family members will be much happier after you have said “I do.”

#10 – Set a Budget
            If you set a budget you will be less likely to go crazy at every vendor and spend extremely large sums of money. A major ‘bridezilla’ move is to spend, spend, spend; especially if you are spending someone else’s money. Be smart with your budget and make sure you stick to it! (see previous post about setting a budget)

#9 – Keep an Open Mind
            Many people will try to offer you their opinions during the wedding planning process. You absolutely do not have to use anyone’s ideas, but you can at least listen and nod politely. Then if you want to scream into a pillow later you can, but don’t ever yell at your grandma and tell her she doesn’t know what she is talking about.

#8 – Accept the fact that not everyone will look perfect
            You may not agree with your cousin’s new hair color, or you might cringe at the fact that your maid-of-honor is going to be eight-months pregnant at your wedding but you need to get over it. These people love you and want to support you on your wedding day, even if you have different opinions on what is stylish. Don’t ever remove someone from the wedding party or un-invite someone because of their appearance.

#7 – Don’t treat your bridesmaids like employees
            It’s okay to ask your friends to pick-up their own dresses, or to wear their hair in a certain up-do on your big day.  It is not okay to ask your bridesmaids to attend weekly meetings or to run all your errands. If you need someone to do those things you should hire a wedding planner. You want to stay friends with these girls after your wedding so make sure you treat them well.

#6 – Spend time with your friends, family members, co-workers, etc.
            Make sure that during your wedding planning you still have a life. Don’t ever quit your job or miss the birth of a niece or nephew just because you are planning a wedding. Your prior relationships and responsibilities are very important and you should not neglect those just because you are planning a wedding. And most importantly, make sure you spend time with your fianc√©!

#5 – Prepare yourself to hear the word ‘no’
            You might have grand visions of having your wedding on the top of the highest rooftop in the city, but then you are told it’s simply not possible. Instead of throwing a tantrum like a 2-year-old you need to be prepared to adjust your wedding vision based on what actually is possible. You will still be able to make your wedding beautiful, even if it’s not the original vision you had in mind.

#4 – Treat your vendors like professionals
            Just because you are paying these people does not give you the right to treat them like garbage. Don’t call your caterer every day, and don’t send your florist fifteen emails every day. Make sure you discuss your vision for your wedding and then leave it up to them. They do this for a living so you need to put your trust in them.

#3 – Don’t worry about what someone is wearing
            It’s inevitable that someone will show up to your wedding wearing something you hate. In fact, it’s becoming even more likely someone will show up wearing white (especially after Pippa Middleton’s dress at the royal wedding). You will still stand out as the blushing bride so don’t let this one person ruin your day. If you feel very strongly about a dress code you can include that in your invitations but even then you should expect someone to not get the memo.

#2 – Have a range of items on your registry
            You should always have a good amount of price ranges on your registry. Don’t ever expect that everyone will give you an extremely nice gift, and if that is all you have on your registry you are just going to be disappointed when you don’t receive those items. A registry should act as a guide for your guests not as a laundry list of over-the-top things you are expecting.

#1 – Be prepared to expand your guest list
            While it’s true you are the bride and it’s your special day, it is also a special day for your fianc√©, your parents, his parents, etc. You can not expect to be the only one compiling a guest list for your wedding. This will have to be a team effort and you need to keep an open mind.  Remember, you are joining two families together on your wedding day and having a huge fight with your in-laws over a couple guests is not a great way to start your marriage.

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